Athlete Driven

The need exists for skis that blur the dimensions of freeride and freestyle and push the boundaries of what’s possible on snow. This is pure athlete-driven development based on the needs of our most progressive and hard-charging riders. No release date. Limited quantities. Constructions and designs that shmear the line between playful, progressive, and full send mode. You may have heard of it. You may have seen it. But this is not for everyone. This is BlackOps.


Three years of validation under the feet of P-White and C-Logan. Now available for public consumption. This is the full send mode tool-of-choice for backcountry booters or big mountain terrain. The ski that stays solid when all others call it quits. You can’t mash big ass drops on anything less. Stomp and smear. Float and bounce. Solid when needed. Playful all the time. Available in rawdawg OG proto graphic. For now.


Located in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains in downtown SLC, UT, the cutting edge design crew at Super Top Secret have been collaborating with Park and Darhk to bring the boys’ unique graphic vision to life on snow.

Low key.


Like a dark forest spirit walk. We didn’t want anything too flashy – this is BlackOps.”


The perfect platform. A progressive all-mountain gunner. Available in extremely limited quantities for 2018, this is a highly-functioning sociopath of a ski that morphs into whatever you need it to be. Stomp and smear. Arc and carve. Boost and blast. Grease your ‘stache. This is the full send mode do-it-all ski for the likes of C-Logan, P-White, and JPV. A legit quiver-killing weapon of one. Just step in and give ‘er hell.

“BlackOps is designed to make skiing everything from resort chop to deep backcountry pow way easier and way more fun.”

“The 118 feels strong. Like I can stomp and smash just as easily as float and bounce. I can really go anywhere and do whatever I want on them.”

— P. White

"In 24 years of skiing I haven’t ridden a better pair of skis. They do everything I want and need them to do. The most fun I've ever had on snow.”

“It's floating on snow. The best pow day of your life.”

“BlackOps is made by skiers, for skiers.”

— C. Logan